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Photo by Takahara Minoru

The folding camera is extremely antique but is excellent about the carry-ability. Moreover, to enjoy a big screen with medium format is easily made. I think that the camera which is called this " Olympus 6 " is a very excellent camera.First, it wants to give the performance that the lens which is attached to this camera is excellent. The "Zuiko " lens which is attached to this camera is a lens with four pieces, three groups, so-called Tessar type and is equipped with the light of f=2.8.It says that the decision of this "Zuiko " lens was equal to "Biotar " of Zeiss , too. olympus6
Actually, the performance of the description of this lens is high and of the sharpness and the decision it marvels. Then, to show the performance of the lens by 100 %, some equipment is incorporated into this camera. The equipment is the device which is called film surface stability equipment. This equipment is the one which tries to keep the plane of the film by always pulling a film beforehand by the power in the spring if saying easily. Next, it wants to give solidly and politely made camera body itself reliability.Therefore, when attempting to operate this camera, the impressions such as the implement which can be sufficiently trusted are strong.
Incidentally, it the photograph took all photographs to be displaying to gallery 1 with this camera. I think that the description of the "Zuiko " lens is drawing out a classical mood in Europe, isn't it?

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TypeFFolding Camera
Aparture formatF6~6E6~4.5
Lens:Zuiko F.C. 7.5 f:2.8(Spieces/Rgroupes)
ShutterFCOPAL@BE1`1/200@F class bulb
RangefinderFBuilt in(not couppled).
Other:Film surface stability equipment built in.
Size&WeightFW:135~H:105~D:106mm(Condition to use)
D:47mm(Folding condition)/800g
Made in Japan.

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